Coronavirus: Legal angle

Author: Ishan Mazumder from West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata.

“No epidemic is local” is one of the most thought provoking remarks once made by Belgian Microbiologist Pitor Piot and now the milieu is such that the virus, popularly known as the Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV, first…

What are minority institutions?

Author: Mehak Mehra from University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

The concepts of Socialism, Secularism, Sovereignty, Fraternity, Equality, and welfare state form the substratum of the Indian Constitution. The framers of the Constitution meticulously incorporated good features of constitutions…

Supreme Court on CAA

Author: Prachi Gupta from University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

On 22nd January 2020, the Supreme Court, while dealing with the record 1444 petitions related to the Citizenship Amendment Act, refused to grant a stay on the Act, thereby declining to take note of the anti-CAA protests that…

FIR law in India

Author: Utsarga Dash from KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneswar.

The Information related to an offence registered with the police for apposite police action is called The First Information Report (FIR). The information can either be in writing or oral, generally reported by the

Bonded Labour Law in India

Author: Sakshi Sethi from Rajiv Gandhi National University Of Law, Patiala.

India is a country dealing with situational ironies, where on one hand, we provide a democratic status to the country with equality for all citizens but the reality is heart wrenching. There are still certain sections of the society…