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———- Certificate Course on Intellectual Property Rights ———-

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is among one the fastest growing branches of law in the contemporary era. In the last two years, registrations under IPR have gone up by over 15%. Multinational companies are looking for IPR services and Indians have a great potential to seize this opportunity. Unfortunately, most Law students in India are not properly equipped to tap the benefits of practice in IPR. This is because of the shocking reality that IPR is not a part of basic curriculum in many institutions. Even where it is included, it is presented as an optional subject and that also very late in the course of their legal studies. LexLife India has carefully prepared this Certificate Course on IPR for students and young professionals in order to give them an insight into this mushrooming field. This course will give you an early advantage over your counterparts as you will have a foundational understanding of IPR, that also with a practical point of view.

Course Structure:

Module 1: Introduction and basic concepts
• Evolution of IPR as a branch of law
• Nature, scope and purpose of IPR
• IPR under Public International Law
• Development of IPR in India

Module 2: Fundamental elements of IPR
• Protection under National and International law: Trademarks
• Patents: As a statutory right; procedure to file a patent
• Copyright and related rights
• Trade secrets

Module 3: Practical aspects of IPR
• Protection under IPR: How to avail the protection under the law?
• How to use different IPR protections?
• Enforcement of IPR
• IPR infringement and litigation: Civil and Criminal remedies

Module 4: Licensing and franchise distribution
• Concept of license
• License – Scope and types
• Sub-licensing
• Franchise distribution mechanism

Administration of the course:

  • The duration of this guided course is 3 weeks. It contains 4 modules.
  • Every 5 days starting 30th of March, study material for 1 module will be sent to you via email.
  • You will have to finish a module within 5 days.
  • Your doubts (if any) will be resolved over WhatsApp or email within 48 hours.
  • You will receive a certification test (in the form of a questionnaire) via email on 20th of April.
  • You will be given a time of two days to submit the test back to us via email.
  • After submission of the test, you will receive your Certificate cum score-card via speed post.

Course fee:

Original fee = INR 2499 + 18% GST

New discounted fee = INR 1499 + 18% GST

Enrolment procedure:

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