Explained: Rights of an Arrested Person

Author: Aditya Kohli, from Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur, M.P.

As we are familiar with that, the lodging of the First Information Report (FIR) by the police, the police have the right to arrest that person against FIR filed, and there is no definite period to arrest that person.

Free legal aid in India

Author: Shyam Ji Mishra from Amity University, Lucknow.

Constitution of every democratic country is enshrined with the concept of ‘audi alter partem’, which means that both the parties in a case should be heard before arriving to a conclusion. However, sometimes a party is unable to procure a legal representative to represent…

Rights of prisoners: Development in India

Author: Aishwarya Moitra from School of Law, Sharda University, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida.

A prisoner is a person who faces deprivation of liberty against his/her will. It can be by detainment, servitude, or by coercive restriction. Prisoners are equipped with rights to some degree as a person when they are in prison, and these fundamental rights cannot be taken…