Kanika Kapoor negligence issue: Legal angle

Author: Anita from SLS, Pune.

In a time where COVID-19 poses to be a serious threat to citizens, law and order measures including the 21-day lockdown and the declaration of The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 have been enforced by the…

Death penalty in India

Author: Deeksha from Bharati Vidyapeeth University .

Death penalty is the execution by a state to the convict for committing an offence. The execution is done by lethal injection, shooting or hanging. The capital punishment of death given by the court and execution is ironical in a state which protects the vary basis of human…

FIR law in India

Author: Utsarga Dash from KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneswar.

The Information related to an offence registered with the police for apposite police action is called The First Information Report (FIR). The information can either be in writing or oral, generally reported by the