Res Judicata under Section 11 of CPC ,1908

Authors: Archit Singhvi

Res Judicata is enshrined under Section 11 of CPC,1908. The historical expedition of Res Judicata is quite intriguing and fascinating. At the outset, the Latin maxim was “Res Judicata pro veritate occipitur” and subsequently dwindled to “Res Judicata” over the years.

Intellectual Property Law regarding Quia Timet Injunctions

Authors: Stuti Mandhotra, student of School of Law, UPES, Dehradun and Advocate Avijit Sharma.

As the Black’s Law Dictionary goes to define an injunction; it can be understood as nothing but a prohibitive writ issued by the court asking a defendant or his servants or agents or any other person so authorised, to either do or not to do a certain act which is…